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About the work we deliver


Peter Mukherjee is a professional photographer who specialises in creating high-end imagery for Interior Designers, Property Developers, Architects, Hoteliers, and owners of luxury homes.

His highly respected work is commissioned regularly by those who are seeking only the very-best in photography to showcase their properties and interiors, beautifully.

Investment in Peter’s photography has helped his clients to win prestigious design awards, attain substantial commissions and even to sell their properties more quickly or for higher prices...

Using a 50 mega-pixel camera body and the highest quality professional lenses, he is able to deliver imagery to meet the most exacting demands.

Photographing property is challenging to get right. Delivering high-end images is a combination of first-class photography and expert Photoshop work. Absolutely NO enhancement filters, HDR, or any other automated processes are used – each image is carefully prepared to deliver a perfect representation, beautifully exposed and above all, real.

Please take a look at our Portfolio to have a glimpse of the sort of quality you can expect from Peter’s work.

Images best viewed on a large screen.

Nigel House Kitchen 0684 1250 copy.jpg
Sitting Room 3096 1250 copy.jpg
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