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Bathrooms and Cloakrooms

Bathroom BANNER.jpg

Bathroom design and layout is a huge industry, and it is not surprising to see a vast range of unique presentations, depending on the size and proportions of the space available to work with. Some may be light-touch and relatively simple in their design, others more elaborate and complex.

Photographing bathrooms is always challenging. Exposure and use of lighting are especially important, depending on the mood one is trying to recreate. Preparation of all the details is key (decorative items) since they can contribute a lot to a good image.

A beautiful bathroom can be easily misinterpreted by a poor photograph.  Getting the angles right while capturing the space with all of the key elements included is a significant part of creating a good composition. As you will see from the images below, finding the optimum view to best capture the overall architecture is important, but sometimes, focusing on the key design features works well too.

Click on images below for correct proportions and description


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