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Bedroom Banner.jpg

Whether it’s a large master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobes, or a smaller guest bedroom, capturing all of the interior design elements is an important part of bedroom-photography. Bedrooms tend to create lighting challenges with areas around the window being the brightest while corners on the other side of the room being shaded.

Some prefer to see ‘lights on’ to create warmth and mood, others prefer ‘lights off’. We generally will capture both, so that we can give our clients the choice. Complex ceiling lights or cove-lighting has to be exposed correctly to show depth and warmth, rather than ‘white out’ of the lit areas.

Views through any windows need to be correctly exposed as well, to give a natural sense of the outside environment rather than just a white-out once again - which you can see in the images featuring windows below.

Click on images below for correct proportions and description


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