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Lounges and Reception Rooms

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The living room or reception room is usually the centre of family relaxation, especially during the evening and is also the most comfortable place for receiving and entertaining guests.

Interior designers love living rooms since many elements can be brought together to work harmoniously. From floor coverings, wall coverings and artwork, to seating, lighting, all of the peripheral elements and furniture, everything contributes to an overall feel or impression that is made when someone walks into the room. It’s the essence of this impression that one needs to capture, to create a beautiful photograph of a room.

Window views are important and need to be exposed correctly to give the viewer a connection with the outside environment.  All of the lighting elements (especially cove lighting and ceiling pendant lights) need to be captured without ‘white out’ when the lights are on – emulating what one can see naturally with the eye, as can be seen in the images below.

Click on images below for correct proportions and description


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